Commissioner of Oaths

Select staff at the Township of Central Frontenac Corporate Services Department can sign documents that need the signature of a Commissioner of Oaths. It is recommended that you call ahead to make an appointment 613-279-2935

In order for a Commissioner to sign your document please keep the following in mind:

  • the person making the oath (declarant) must be present
  • the declarant must have valid government issued photo identification
  • the document must not be signed by the declarant until they are in front of the Commissioner

Document requirements

You are required to present one original piece of original government-issued photo identification (no copies permitted) i.e. a valid driver's licence.

Current fees and services

The current fee for Commissioning of Oath Services is $2.00 per document for non-residents and all business entities including commissioning of an affidavit by the Clerk or Deputy Clerk.

Commissioners of Oaths can witness and sign many types of documentation including but not limited to affidavits and statutory declarations, residency documentation, insurance claims, pension plan documents, and Ministry of Transportation transfer of vehicle documents, however there are some restrictions.

It is at the exclusive discretion of the individual Commissioner of Oaths whether or not they choose to sign the document. If a Commissioner of Oaths is unsure about the identity of the deponent or the content of the document for any reason, the Commissioner of Oaths may refuse to sign the document and the deponent will be referred to a lawyer or Notary Public.

*Please note that Commissioners will not sign Wills, "Living Wills," Codicils to Wills, Powers of Attorney, Divorce, Separation, Custody, Theft, Financial, Consents to Travel or Real Estate related documents.

Notary Public

The Township of Central Frontenac Commissioner of Oaths are not Notary Publics. You will have to contact a professional lawyer, notary public entitled to practice law in Ontario, or a justice of the peace to sign those documents.

A list of Notary Publics and lawyers who notarize documents can be found in your local phone directory.

Contact us for more information about Commissioner of Oath services or to book an appointment.


Note: We do not offer virtual/remote commissioning services at this time

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