Building Permits

Building permit application

All building permits use the same application form. The only thing that varies per application is the required forms and information. All additional forms can be found in the Additional Forms section below. All building permit applications can be sent to:

Forms Required

Plans required

  • Site plan including location of proposed building, septic system, other buildings on the property, distances to lot lines, distances to high water mark, drainage plan.
  • Survey (if required)
  • Heat Loss/Gain, Duct Design and Ventilation design completed by Qualified HRAI Designer
  • 2 copies of complete plans including:
  • Elevations – all sides
  • Foundation Plan
  • Floor plans (all floors) - indicate room use
  • Sections – include dimensions, height, construction material, etc.
  • Wall details
  • Roof truss layout and/or floor truss layout

Approvals from other agencies

The items in the above list may be required for a complete permit application. Upon review of the application, the Building Inspector may require further documentation or clarification.

Additional Forms



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