Budget and Financial Statements

Annual Budget & Financial Statements

Annual Budget

Each year the Township develops an operating and capital budget to determine the cost of providing services to our residents. Tax rates are determined based on the amount required to fund the annual budget.

Council will be considering the adoption of the 2023 budget by-law at its meeting on February 28, 2023.

The budget by-law for 2023 is available here: 2024 Budget By-Law

 Annual Budget Highlights
 Budget Highlights - 2024

Operating Budget

The operating budget is the plan for the day-to-day operations of the municipality. This includes salaries, materials, supplies and contracted services.

Capital Budget

The capital budget is the annual plan for the purchase and financing of capital assets. This includes all infrastructure, parks and recreation, facilities and fire services assets.

Budgets by Year

2024 Budget

2023 Budget

2022 Budget

2021 Budget

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2017 Budget

2016 Budget

 Tax Rate

 Tax rate By-Law

2024 Tax Rate By-Law

2023 Tax rate By-Law

2022 Tax rate By-Law

2021 Tax rate By-Law

2020 Tax rate By-Law

2019 Tax rate By-law

2018 Tax rate By-law

2017 Tax rate By-law

2016 Tax rate By-law

 Tax rate schedule

2024 Tax rate schedule

2023 Tax rate schedule

2022 Tax rate schedule

2021 Tax rate schedule

2020 Tax rate schedule

 Financial Statements

The Township's financial statements are prepared in accordance with Canadian Public Sector Accounting Standards.

We maintain systems of internal accounting and administrative controls of high quality. These systems are designed to provide reasonable assurance that the financial information is relevant, reliable and accurate, and that the Township's assets are accounted for and protected.

Council reviews and approves the Township's financial statements. Our statements have been audited in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards of Canada.


2022 Financial Statements

2021 Financial Statements

2020 Financial Statements

2019 Financial Statements

2018 Financial Statements

2017 Financial Statements

2016 Financial Statements

Asset Management Plan

Asset Management Plan

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