Wildland Fires

Every year people and property in Central Frontenac are threatened by wildfires. Many of these fires occur in wildland/house interface zones. These are the areas where homes, cottages and subdivisions are built into the forest landscape.

Protect your property

Follow these steps to keep your home safe from wildland fires.

Manage the vegetation around your home

  • reduce shrubs, evergreen trees and dead material within 10 metres of buildings
  • thin and prune trees within 10-30 metres of your home
  • ensure power lines are clear of tree limbs
  • grow fire resistant plants
  • use brick, stucco, metal siding, metal roofing or asphalt shingles
  • enclose decks, porches and vents

Use fire-resistant building materials

For more ideas on protecting your property, read the Home Owners FireSmart Manual and FireSmart Landscaping Guide. You can use the risk assessment checklist to see where you can better protect your home and property.

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