Seasonal Emergency Tips

It's important to be prepared for seasonal weather-related emergencies year-round. Stay safe! Take the time to review the below tips for spring, summer, and winter preparation.

Spring Flooding Tips

If there is not a significant thaw in the early months of the year, the built-up snow can result in a high potential for flooding in the spring: during the spring thaw, all of this water must make its way down the river systems. Make sure you and your family are prepared. Check out the Ministry of Natural Resources' Flood brochure or visit the MNR website for tips on how to prepare for a flood.

Severe Summer Weather Tips

  • Keep an eye on the weather
  • Monitor the local media
  • Listen to Weatheradio
  • Have a plan
  • Shelter
  • Thunder & Lightning
  • Tornadoes

Winter Weather Tips

  • Add supplies to your disaster supplies kit
  • Prepare your home and family
  • Prepare your car
  • Dress for the weather

Environment Canada monitors the weather 365 days a year and issues special weather statements, watches, and warnings by radio, television, internet and their Weather radio. Weather radio is broadcast at 162.400 and 162.475 megahertz and is picked up by dedicated radios and shortwave.

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