Residential Tenancies Act

The Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) came into effect on January 31, 2007.   The RTA sets the rules for most residential rental housing in Ontario, including the rules for maintenance standards (Ontario Regulation 517/06).  Effective July 1, 2018 the Province no longer enforces maintenance standards; the Municipality now is responsible for enforcement.

Before contacting the municipality for assistance with enforcement, tenants MUST attempt to resolve their issue with the landlord.  If you are unsuccessful, you may apply to the Township by completing the Tenant Complaint about Maintenance Form which can be sent to the Municipal Office at 1084 Elizabeth Street, Sharbot Lake, Ontario; by fax @ 613-279-2422; or by email to  The application will be reviewed to confirm the maintenance issue falls within the scope of the Regulations, and to confirm that the tenant has exhausted attempts to rectify with the landlord.  If the application is approved, the Township will send an inspector to the property to determine appropriate steps.  It is important not to withhold rent to the landlord during this process.

If you have non-maintenance related issues, or you do not agree with the outcome of the municipality's decision relating to maintenance standards, you can contact The Landlord and Tenant Board, whose role is to provide information about the RTA and to resolve disputes between most residential landlords and tenants. The mission of the Landlord and Tenant Board is to inform landlords and tenants about their rights and responsibilities under the Residential Tenancies Act and provide balanced and timely dispute resolution in accordance with the law.

Only written complaints submitted using the Tenant Complaint about Maintenance Form will be processed by the Municipality and can be received at the Municipal Office at 1084 Elizabeth Street, Sharbot Lake, Ontario; by fax @ (613) 279-2422; or by email @

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