Outdoor burning

As the weather warms and the snow disappears, you may start to feel the lure of lighting up your backyard chimnea or fireplace. But before you do, make sure you:

  • review the outdoor burning by-law
  • purchase your seasonal fire permit
  • ensure no burning ban is in effect

Things to Know Before Lighting a Backyard Fire

  • The burning of materials such as hay, straw, tires, garbage, building materials or other materials restricted by the Ministry of the Environment is not permitted.
  • Only clean, dry and untreated wood, brush and leaves can be burnt.
  • Campfires must be at least 3m from any combustibles and 6m from the property line.
  • Burning is not permitted during high winds, extremely dry conditions, when smoke bothers a neighbor or when there is a burn ban on.
  • Tenants require the owner's permission to obtain a permit.
  • Burn dry and clean wood only;
  • Do not burn when wind speed is more than 20km/h, rain or fog is present, or when a burn ban is in place;
  • Should a ban come into effect, the Fire Department will update their website and a press release will be issued.

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