Homeowner Responsibilities

As part of practicing the three lines of defence against fire — Prevention, Detection, Escape — homeowners also have the following safety responsibilities.

Awareness of Fire & Carbon Monoxide Hazards

Fire is not inevitable and it is also not an accident. Over 90% of all home fires are preventable. People feel No Time to spare videosafest in their own home, yet that is where they are the most vulnerable. Please take responsibility for your safety and review fire and carbon monoxide hazards.

House Numbers

In the case of an emergency, medical emergency or fire, minutes can mean the difference between life and death. House numbers are imperative for a quick reference. The more camouflaged and hard-to-find the numbers are, the longer it will take emergency personnel to arrive at the scene.

Private Roads

Private road need to be properly maintained if you want emergency services to reach you. This includes snow removal, good surface, wide enough for fire trucks, correct turning radius etc.

 Install smoke alarms it's the law image

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