Central Frontenac was created in 1998 through the amalgamation of the Townships of Hinchinbrooke, Kennebec, Olden and Oso. Central Frontenac is a township located in eastern Ontario, Canada in the County of Frontenac. Central Frontenac, along with South Frontenac, North Frontenac and the Frontenac Islands, make up the County of Frontenac.

The Township of Central Frontenac was incorporated on January 1, 1998 and is made up of four (4) former Townships including Kennebec, Olden, Oso and Hinchinbrooke. The Municipal office for these amalgamated Townships is located in Sharbot Lake, ON. Sharbot Lake is located approximately 75 kilometres north of Kingston and 123 kilometres west of Ottawa with most of the village just south of the intersections of Highway 7 and Road 38. Also located in the municipality are the hamlets of Parham, Mountain Grove and Arden. In addition, there are the predominately residential cross road communities of Tichborne, Piccadilly, Godfrey, Henderson, Elm Tree and Crow Lake.

The Township of Central Frontenac is located at the southern tip of the Pre-Cambrian Shield and its geography reflects the transition from rich farmland to hard rock topography. The intersection of the two main highways in the region (Hwy 38 and Hwy 7) also serves as a trade or market transition zone for the area. At this point, the trading influence of Ottawa meets the trading range of the Golden Horseshoe as residents and visitors find a relaxing alternative to the 401. The major villages in Central Frontenac include Sharbot Lake, Parham, Arden, Tichborne, Godfrey, and Mountain Grove.

The municipality is rich in lakes and other water bodies. Its spread across 1025 square kilometres (395.75 square miles) of unspoiled granite terrain, its rolling hills, winding roads, rippling waters and rugged terrain characterize this rural area and foster a traditional Canadian environment and lifestyle.

The Township of Central Frontenac enjoys a unique character and quality of life that distinguishes the municipality from other areas of Ontario. The rural values, the sense of place, the unique landscapes, the importance of water resources and the quality of life enjoyed by those who live in and who visit the community is integral to the municipality.

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