Hazards and Risk Assessment

The core of emergency management: knowing about the hazards and risks that could cause emergencies in our community.

Hazard identification and risk assessment produces a community risk profile that helps set priorities and guide development of the emergency management elements: prevention & mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

A hazard is an event or physical condition that has the potential to cause fatalities, injuries, property damage, infrastructure damage, agricultural loss, damage to the environment, interruption of business, or other types of harm or loss.

Hazards Posing Risk in Central Frontenac:


  • Severe winter storms: heavy snow, strong winds, freezing rain
  • Severe summer storms: heavy rain and flooding, strong winds, lightning, hail, tornadoes
  • Extreme heat and cold waves
  • Human disease and epidemic
  • Wildland fires caused by lightning


Interruption to lifelines and utilities: especially power outages

Structure fires

Major industrial and/or transportation accident involving hazardous materials

Train Derailment

CP Rail runs through the middle of Central Frontenac. A train derailment can cause a major emergency due to hazardous materials, flammable liquids and fire.

Wildland Fire

Brush, grass and forest fires

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