Thomson's Cut Trail

Thomson’s Cut Trail signThe Thomson's Cut represents an important developing trail segment for pedestrian and off-road motorized vehicle users in the hamlet of Sharbot Lake. This trail segment is part of the longer K&P Trail which is currently under development and extends from Kingston to Sharbot Lake. Please note, although the trail has been available for use over many years, especially for off-road snowmobiles and ATV's, it represents an opportunity to improve both accessibility and safety for all those who use this important trail link, including people with disabilities. It has only been in recent years that the trail has received greater local attention and formal development, oriented more toward pedestrian, non-motorized use.  Trail uses include walking, jogging, cycling, cross country skiing and motorized uses - snowmobiling and ATVs. 


Without this vital grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the development of this important trail to our economic future would not be possible. Therefore the Township of Central Frontenac and the Central Frontenac Railway Heritage Society would like to officially recognize the support from Ontario Trillium Foundation.


Approximately 300 m of the Thomson's Cut trail has been improved through the installation of historical themed light standards and fixtures (9) to increase the use of the trail at night by all types of users.  The objective of the project is to encourage and enable active people greater use of the trail by extending accessibility and safe use of the trail during evening hours (two to four hours per day), depending on the season.  Additional landscaping to better define the trails, pedestrian walkways, and access points are to be installed as part of the project in 2019.


Between the Central Frontenac Railway Heritage Society and the municipality the overall trail has adopted a strong railroading theme with the immediate area containing prominent outdoor displays, an information kiosk, a renovated and accessible caboose, a sitting area and new playground. In addition, designated historical plagues (12) have been installed in close proximity to the Thomson's Cut. Please see photos below of the light standards installed.  Feel free to send us pictures of yourself and your family & friends enjoying the trail. 


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Photo Gallery: Thompson Cut will appear here on the public site.

  Frontenac K&P Trail

The K&P Trail is a 180-km multi-use recreational rail trail that connects downtown Kingston to the Town of Renfrew where it intersects with the Ottawa Valley Recreational Trail. The trail intersects with the Tay-Havelock Trail in Central Frontenac. 


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