Zoning By-law update process

Zoning By-law update process

We need your help! The Township’s new Official Plan was recently approved by the County of Frontenac. Implementing the Plan means that the Township must review its comprehensive zoning by-law. For those unfamiliar with zoning, a zoning by-law regulates how you can use your land, what buildings and structures you can construct and what the setbacks are from all of your lot lines. Zoning also regulates the height of buildings, parking, the location of docks and boat houses, recreational vehicles, home based businesses and many other matters. A zoning by-law applies to all properties in the Township.

Reviewing the zoning by-law  provides an opportunity to all residents to determine how zoning affects their properties and to answer such questions as:

  • What is the zoning of my property and does the zoning reflect the actual current use?
  • Can I change my zoning, since I have a development proposal?
  • Are the zoning standards appropriate for today's development such as lot areas, lot frontages, shoreline and yard setbacks, the density of development etc.?
  • How does zoning protect the natural environment?
  • Does zoning apply to storage containers, fences, swimming pools and accessory buildings?
  • Is zoning retroactive?
  • How does zoning resolve a land use conflict?

You can help us by providing your comments, your concerns and your suggestions on potential improvements or changes to the zoning by-law. As a starting point, please take the opportunity to review the zoning by-law 2011-52 and the zoning schedules (Zoning Schedule A1 (Village of Sharbot Lake) , Zoning Schedule A2 (District of Kennebec), Zoning Schedule A3 (District of Olden), Zoning Schedule 4 (District of Oso), Zoning Schedule A5 (District of Hinchinbrooke)) Please note that the link to our 2011 bylaw and maps do not reflect all the amendments that have been approved to the original by-law in 2011. For the most up-to-date zoning information for specific properties, you can use www.frontenacmaps.ca  which will provide more updated information for specific properties. (You will need to click the "I want to" tab, select "Change Visible Map Layers" and Click "Zoning" on the layer tab)

Please feel free to send us your questions and any submissions you may have to zoningupdate@centralfrontenac.com. We encourage you to register for our project page on engagefrontenac.ca to get updates and more information about the process.  The Township will hold public consultation meetings in June. If you wish to be notified of the date, time and location of the meetings, please send us your email address or snail mail address. We look forward to hearing from you!


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