Planning Applications and Fees

The Planning Department is responsible for providing planning services and advice to decision-makers on all planning matters related to the local municipality. Planning staff review applications to ensure that they conform to all local planning policies and are consistent with provincial policy.

In addition to the submission of an application and fees, there may be the requirement for additional studies to be submitted and further legal, engineering and planning costs. Depending on the scale and complexity of an application, timelines for processing may vary. Applicants are encouraged to start planning processes in advance of their anticipated development deadlines.

Frontenac Maps is an excellent resource for viewing the property and learning more about the regulations that may be in place before proceeding with an application.

Before submitting a planning application or to learn more about what application, you may require, the Township requires a pre-application meeting with planning staff. Submit an inquiry or request a meeting with planning staff to start this process.

Application Fees

The Township establishes fees for the processing of planning applications. Fees are required to be submitted at the time of application submission. In addition to Township fees, there may also be fees required by commenting agencies, such as the Conservation Authority, as well as additional costs associated with studies, legal, engineering and fulfillment of conditions. All costs for the processing of applications are the responsibility of the applicant.

Please contact staff for current fees.

Application Process

Generally, all planning applications follow a similar review process. Please view the specific application process for each application type included in the guidance documents below and along with processing timelines.

Application Process


Planning staff are available to assist you with understanding the planning application review process. However, as the applicant, it is your responsibility to make sure that the application is complete, accurate and clearly identifies required approvals. Staff are not permitted to complete application forms. If you require assistance, staff can direct you to the appropriate resources.

Planning staff strive to process applications efficiently, but failure to provide all the required information may result in processing delays. All planning applications are public documents and will be available for public review.

Guidance documents are available for the applications below and provide greater detail on the application requirements, timelines and decision making.

Minor Variance

A minor variance is a minor variation from the requirements of the Township Zoning By-law, granted by the Committee of Adjustment. Minor variance approval allows the property owner to obtain a building permit or use property in a specific way which does not comply with the provisions of the Township Zoning By-law.

Under Section 45(1) of the Planning Act there are four tests a minor variance must meet:

1. Does the application conform to the general intent of the Official Plan?
2. Does the application conform to the general intent of the Zoning By-law?
3. Is the application desirable for the appropriate development of the lands in question?
4. Is the application minor?

What is a Minor Variance?
Guidance Document
Please view the Committee of Adjustment web page.


Consent – Severance, Lot Addition or Easement
The consent approval process is used for severance, lot addition and easement applications granted by the Committee of Adjustment. A consent is required if the property owner wishes to subdivide land or enter into a lease longer than 21 years less a day

What is a Severance?
What is a Lot Addition?
What is an Easement?
Guidance Document

Zoning By-law Amendment 

The Zoning By-law states how land may be used, where buildings and structures can be located, the types of buildings and structures permitted and how they can be used, and lot sizes and dimensions, parking requirements, building heights and setbacks. To change the use of land, a zoning by-law amendment or rezoning application will be required.

What is a Zoning By-law Amendment?
Please contact the Planning Department for application submission cut-off dates.

Official Plan Amendment

An official plan amendment is required when a proposal does not conform to the policy in the Township or County Official Plan. Amendments can be made to both plans but are processed through their corresponding agency. Due to the complexity of the application, a number of studies and reports may be required to support an application.


Please contact the Planning Department for application submission cut-off dates.

Site Plan Control
Site plan control is a planning tool under the Planning Act that includes a detailed review of a property to ensure municipal, provincial, and other agency standards, regulations and policies are met. Site plan control also ensures that the effects on neighbouring properties are minimized and that the development is safe and functional. Site plan control is required for all commercial, institutional and industrial development and may be required for residential development.

Site Plan Control By-law

Plans of Subdivision and Plan of Condominium
The County of Frontenac is the approval authority for plans of subdivision and condominium in the Township. A subdivision or condominium may be required when no further consents are permitted from a property or a complex application is proposed, including the creation of a new lane. Please contact the County of Frontenac for more information on the process to submit an application for a Plan of Subdivision/Condominium.




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