Official Plan Review and Update

Official Plan Final Version & Land Use Schedule

Notice of Official Plan

Official Plan Final Version and Land Use Schedule

Official Plan Review and Update

The Township of Central Frontenac is embarking on a review and update to the Township Official Plan. The Official Plan will set out goals, objectives, and policies established primarily to manage and direct physical change and the effects on the social, economic, and natural environment of the Township for the next 20 years. This update and review is a regular process required under the Planning Act.

The Official Plan will ensure that future planning and development meets the community’s needs. The update will involve extensive consultation with the public through open houses and public meetings. This webpage will be regularly updated to ensure that you can stay informed.

For more information on the Official Plan review, to submit comments or to add your email to the notification list, please contact: County of Frontenac at 613-548-9400 ext. 350 or

2008 Official Plan

 Official Plan 2008

View Official Plan Document

View Official Plan Land Use Schedules

Draft Official Plans

Draft Official Plan Map April 27 2021
Draft Official Plan Map April 27 2021
Draft Official Plan Map March 15, 2021
Draft Official Plan Map March 15, 2021
Draft Number Three – December 2020

View Draft Version 3 Official Plan 2020

View Planning Report

Draft Number Two – July 2019

This draft was before Council in Summer of 2019 and was available to the public before the August 2019 Open Houses.

View Draft Version 2 Official Plan 2019

Draft Number One – July 2018

This draft was before Council in Summer of 2018 and was available to the public before the July 2018 Open House.

View Draft Version Official Plan 2018

Public Engagement

Community involvement through the Official Plan review is an important and valued aspect of the process. Through public participation events, community members are able, and encouraged, to share their opinions. The Township is committed to ensuring the public participation process is inclusive and respectful.  To view the materials from the engagement events, please open the tabs below.

Summer 2019 Three Open Houses

Three Open Houses were held over August 2019 to engage with the public on key topics. Open Houses were held at the Oso Hall (1107 Garrett Street, Sharbot Lake) from 6pm-8pm. For more information on when these events were held, please view the Open House Notice – Summer 2019.

Official Plan Engagement Boards – Click here to view display boards.

Waterfront Development and Lake Protection – Click here to view presentation.

Settlement Areas and Growth Management – Click here to view presentation.

Rural Areas and Agriculture – Click here to view presentation.

 July 2018 Open House
An Open House was held on July 21, 2018, to hear preliminary comments from the public on the draft policies and mapping. We heard comments from the public regarding waterfront development, affordable housing, development policies for Sharbot Lake and Highway 7 and policies for White Lake. 

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