Sharbot Lake - Downtown Revitalization


The Downtown Revitalization Program will enhance the Village of Sharbot Lake as an accessible and welcoming destination for all. The program will build on opportunities to enjoy our natural amenities and heritage, and collaborate with local partners in their improvement. Sustainable development and diversity will be at the heart of all economic and social initiatives.

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What is Downtown Revitalization

Downtown Revitalization is a long-term process of improving the economic, physical and social well-being of a community’s traditional town centre.

Downtowns thrive and bustle when there is a dynamic interchange between public space, civic/social uses and commercial activity. This makes for interesting places that residents and visitors will come to experience. As such, the Downtown Revitalization program follows a comprehensive

“Four point approach” which focuses on balancing:

1. Economic Development: objectives such as helping existing merchants target specific market segments in their trade area or identify possible new businesses that complement the existing business mix;

2. Leadership and Management: activities to include various organizations to ensure the process continues and volunteers are celebrated and renewed;

3. Marketing and Promotions: to ensure that the identity and positive image of the downtown is communicated and that events and activities animate the area; and,

4. Physical Improvements: such as restoring historic façades, streetscaping, parking, and creating safe, walkable environments.

For more information visit Downtown Revitalization Program on the Province of Ontario’s Website

Management Group

The Sharbot Lake Downtown Revitalization Management Group is a sub-committee formed by the Economic Development Committee under its terms of reference, and comprises of the members of the Economic Development committee (Councillor Brent Cameron, Alison Robinson, Bill Bowick, Sara Carpenter, Maria Lockhart) Township staff (Tyson Myers and Cindy Deachman) and County staff (Alison Vandervelde, Community Development Officer Planning & Economic Development.) The management group will oversee the project and supervise Adriana Barbary, who was hired by the township as the Downtown Revitalization Coordinator.

Adriana works under the guidance of OMAFRA Advisor Karen Fischer, who has been involved in Downtown Revitalization programs for Prince Edward County, Napanee, Tweed and many more.

OMAFRA has developed a Four-Stage Process.

Stage I: Organizing and Scoping Phase (2-4 months)

Stage II: Collecting and Assessing (4-6 months)

Stage III: Action Planning and Prioritization (2-3 months)

Stage IV: Implementing (2 years+)

Ontario’s Rural Economic Development (RED) program provides cost-share funding to

support activities that create strong rural communities in Ontario, and opens doors to rural

economic development.


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